Doorhof’s Guide to Model Photography Videos

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Learn How the Pros Take Gorgeous Model Photos


This is your ultimate guide to model photography.

Doorhof’s Guide to Model Photography will show you how the pros shoot models. There is a ton of information packed in this comprehensive video series. You’ll learn the techniques Doorhof achieves amazing lighting, how he coaches models for great poses, and what crucial accessories he uses. You’ll get to see Frank Doorhof in action on photoshoots both in-studio and on-location. Doorhof also has great tips on how to post-process your images in Photoshop.

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Frank Doorhof is one of the best in the biz. He is a well known international portrait and glamour photographer and photography instructor for KelbyTraining. One look at his portfolio and you can see how amazing his work is. You are in great hands learning from this photographer.

Despite being an older release, this video is packed with relevant information about everything regarding model photography. The instructional parts are approximately 60 minutes in length.


Guide to Model Photography Videos

  • Accessories used by Frank Doorhof and pro photographers
  • Different kinds of lighting set-ups with explanations
  • Different types of lights and how they add to your shots
  • Tips on post-processing with Photoshop
  • Coaching the model to capture great poses
  • Using lighting setups both on-location and in-studio
  • Behind-the-scenes footage of Frank Doorhof’s shoots
  • Shooting models with glasses
  • Shooting models in mid-air jumps
  • How to achieve dynamic posing

Approximately 60 minutes long.

If you want to shoot models, then Frank Doorhof’s videos will help you immensely. For a very limited time, get Frank Doorhof’s Guide to Model Photography videos for $15.


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