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Photoshop has traditionally been both learning-intensive and time-consuming – in order to get great results, you have to both be an expert and spend a lot of time on each photo. The PSKiss Photographer’s Toolbox changes this by putting the full power of Photoshop within your reach, no matter your skill level or time constraints. Includes three full-featured post-processing packages.


The PSKiss Photographer’s Toolbox was designed by Photoshop Certified Expert Tal Ninio to bring elite post-processing results to everyone. As the author of ten Photoshop books, Tal’s extensive experience with digital post-processing enabled him and his team to distill the most advanced Photoshop techniques into a simple but powerful Photoshop add-on.

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Photoshop experts like Tal know special post-processing techniques and powerful shortcuts to make their photos unique without spending hours in front of the computer. The Photographer’s Toolbox includes a lifetime of these tricks of the trade condensed into easy and intuitive software. Choose one of the 19 carefully-crafted processing scripts and watch your image transform with a simple click.


“I really liked the workflow. Each filter adds a new layer so I can always go back easily… find these filters, more productive and extremely time saving. My time is money, so these simple solutions worth any cent they cost”
Gil Lavi
“If you are like me, someone who likes to edit his pictures one by one for best results, then these filters are great fun. You save considerable amount of time from doing trial and errors and finding the best output.”
Wei Li


Outdoor Photography Toolkit


Includes everything a photographer needs to transform a landscape or nature photo into a stunning masterpiece. Easily make skies beautiful, optimize lighting, and add natural contrast. Recreate the unique and vibrant landscape that you saw in your mind’s eye with a few simple clicks.

The Outdoor Photography Toolkit will instantly make snapshots good, good photos great, and great photos masterpieces. Use the Photoshop techniques of the world’s most elite nature photographers to supercharge your own landscape photography.

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  • Sky Boost creates beautiful skies by selectively boosting color and contrast.
  • Sky Density adds natural density to skies to make them pop.
  • Green adds depth to trees and grass by selectively adjusting green brightness and contrast.
  • Expose quickly adjusts global exposure for corrections and creative effects.
  • Punch adds impact to a photo by adding smart contrast. Also controls softness.
  • Balance creates a more natural and well-lit image by smoothing out dynamic range variations.
  • Clarte makes photos pop off the page by manipulating local contrast.
  • Details offers full control of fine details by selectively adjusting contrast and saturation.
  • Wise Sharp intelligently sharpens, prevents color shifts, and protects shadow/highlights.

Quickly make your landscape photos stunning and emotional with the PSKiss Outdoor Photography Toolkit.

Product Photography Toolkit


Transforms regular photos of objects into clean and crisp images that accentuate the inherent quality of the subject. Normally, photos of cars, jewelry, and other high-quality objects require extensive post-processing to remove blemishes and to present them in the best possible light. Use the Product Photography Toolkit to create beautiful product photos with just a few simple clicks.

The Product Photography Toolkit is carefully crafted to display any object in the best possible light. Use it to quickly and easily add detail, polish, and vibrance to your product photography.

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  • Colorizer quickly cycles through possible color variations of your product.
  • Polish adds distinction to your product by intelligently redefining shape.
  • Jeweler enhances jewelry photography by boosting color variations.
  • High Key creates a popular effect by flooding your photo with light.
  • Density adds detail and depth to your product.
  • Edge sharpens your photo and makes it clearer while protecting surfaces.

Display your products in the best possible light with the PSKiss Product Photography Toolkit.

Portrait Photography Toolkit


Instantly transform your people photos into professional portraits with this toolkit’s powerful and intuitive adjustments. Create a variety of high-quality looks to bring out the best in your subject.

The best portrait photographers use in-depth post-processing techniques to create a unique mood in their portraits. The PSKiss Portrait Photography Toolkit gives you the ability to quickly apply these impressive and dramatic looks to your own photos.

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  • Density Build tones the subject by controlling depth and details.
  • Look Factory generates various “looks” and “styles” using a variety of parameters.
  • Expose quickly adjusts global exposure for corrections and creative effects.
  • Punch adds impact to a photo by adding smart contrast.
  • Pop-Out adds an extra dimension to your portrait.
  • Clarte makes photos pop off the page by manipulating local contrast.
  • Black & White converts into beautiful B&W. Specially designed for portraits.
  • Face Sharp sharpens intelligently while protecting skin tones.

Easily give your portraits unique and compelling styles with the PSKiss Portrait Photography Toolkit.

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